2023 NBA Mock Draft: Updated Full 2-Round Predictions | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors

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11. Brooklyn Nets: GG Jackson (South Carolina, PF, Freshman)

The draft’s projected young prospect, GG Jackson has been productive early for South Carolina, averaging 16.2 points and 8.0 rebounds with seven threes in five games. Shooting, athletic finishes and energy plays have been behind Jackson’s scoring. As long as he’s making jumpers at a respectable rate, his name should continue to be grouped in with the other lottery prospects. We haven’t seen much passing or exciting defensive plays from Jackson, though between his age (18), tools, budding perimeter skill, rim activity and motor, teams should picture translatable double-doubles.

12. New York Knicks: Gradey Dick (Kansas, SF, Freshman)

Scouts are already picturing a plug-and-play NBA wing in Dick, a convincing shooter (10-or-20 3PT) at 6’8″ who’s shown more athleticism at the rim, shot-making versatility and defensive toughness.

13. Utah Jazz (via Timberwolves): Keyonte George (Baylor, SG, Freshman)

With a high usage and tough schedule early on, George has had mixed performances, though the pros still outweigh the lows. NBA teams will see translatable shot-making in his shooting versatility and ability to elevate over defenders, while his burst splitting defenses and screens should continue to work at the NBA level. His 5.0 assists per game have also been noteworthy and highlight real combo-guard playmaking ability. Improving his shot selection and in-between game will help George avoid turning some scouts off.

14. New York Knicks (via Mavericks): Terquavion Smith (North Carolina State, PG/SG, Sophomore)

If Smith’s first four games are an indication of what’s to come this season, the decision to pass on 2022 first-round interest should pay off. Shot-making will always be the signature skill that fuels his scoring, but he’s been significantly more efficient so far with his finishing, and he’s showingcasing more playmaking ability to bolster his point or combo guard case to scouts.

15. Toronto Raptors: Ausar Thompson (2003) Overtime Elite, SG/SF.

Teams will show a willingness to stay patient with Thompon’s skill development, given the level of quickness and explosiveness he possesses for attacking, finishing and defending at baseline. His shooting and decision-making remain inconsistent, but he’ll continue to look too tempting with enough flashes of self-creation and one-on-one shot-making, plus the highlight dunks, slashes and defensive playmaking.

16. Utah Jazz (via Sixers): Kel’el Ware (Oregon, C, Freshman)

Ware has stood out most early for the shooting flashes and his defensive mobility. He doesn’t have a huge offensive role in Oregon’s offense, but the 7-footer has already hit three threes and blocked eight shots through four games. The potential to stretch the floor and protect the rim should be enough for Ware to remain in the top-20 discussion all year, even if his shot attempts and scoring production fluctuate.

17. Chicago Bulls (via Blazers): Chris Murray (Iowa, PF, Junior)

After a 29-point game against Seton Hall and 30 points against Omaha, a Murray breakout appears on. Between the shooting versatility, drives past closeouts, post buckets and body-controlled finishes, the jump he’s making looks similar to Keegan’s last year.

18. Atlanta Hawks: Jett Howard (Michigan, SG/SF, Freshman)

Howard has immediately caught scouts attention with his shot-making and scoring instincts for a 6’8″ wing. Though not the most creative scorer, he’s produced within Michigan’s offense, making jumpers and good decisions in terms of when to attack or move the ball .

19. Memphis Grizzlies: Maxwell Lewis (Pepperdine, SG, Sophomore)

Overaging 17.2 points, shooting 69.0 percent inside the arc and 58.8 percent from three, Lewis is off to a scorching start delivering the type of creation and skill flashes that should draw NBA attention. Scouts figure to have Pepperdine’s two Gonzaga games highlighted on their schedules.

20. Los Angeles Lakers (via Pelicans): Dillon Mitchell (Texas, PF, Freshman)

Though Mitchell hasn’t showcased any noticeable skill yet, superpower quickness and leaping could be enough for NBA teams to picture an athletic specialist for finishing and defensive playmaking.

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