$400 Million Superstar Jennifer Lopez Admitted She Was “Always Fighting” With Ex-Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez for a $50 Beauty Product

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez has always been more than just a successful athlete; With worldwide attention, he remains a global superstar. So it comes as no surprise that he was conscious of his appearance. In fact, constantly surrounded by the media limelight, he followed in Jennifer Lopez’s footsteps to stay ready for the glam.

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez is one of the most popular baseball players ever. Notably, ‘A-Rod’ turned into an MLB icon playing for the New York Yankees. He also played for the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers earlier. Rodriguez is a 14-time All-Star player and a onetime World Series champion.


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Jennifer Lopez, his ex-partner, is a pop-music megastar with soaring popularity worldwide. She is also an actress and does multiple endorsements. As an entrepreneur, she has cosmetic brands of her own. In fact, she once revealed how at the time when ‘A-Rod’ and herself were a celebrity couple, Alex tried her beauty products.

Alex Rodriguez’s pinchant for beauty care products

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez has had an eventful life through and through. From tales dating back to his playing days to his dating history, business, and much more, he continues to receive mainstream media attention. Speaking of his past relationships, Jennifer Lopez once revealed his beauty fanaticism.

At a time when ‘A-Rod’ and Lopez were engaged, she also launched her own skincare products. Lopez’s private cosmetics brand ‘J. Lo Beauty’ released a face mask named ‘That Limitless Glow’. ‘A-Rod’ became a huge fan of the mask; so much so that he too began using the product himself.

According to a reportLopez said, “(Alex) tries everything. We did the mask together on the first night, and I filmed myself and it was just life-changing. I was like, My God, I feel like I have a baby face! He loves it, and now we’re always fighting for the mask. (These products) are for anybody who has skin, which is everyone.”

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However, it wasn’t only ‘A-Rod’ that Lopez had to protect her costly skincare from. She also had to keep an eye on her twins, Max and Emme. Lopez added, “My kids are, like, trying to put it on, and I’m like, ‘Don’t touch that mask, that’s too expensive to play around with.”

Rodriguez and Lopez: The couple now

‘A-Rod’ and Lopez broke their engagement and separated in 2021. Lopez soon rekindled her flame with ex-lover actor Ben Affleck. They got engaged in the same year and tied the knot shortly after. Meanwhile, ‘A-Rod’ is busy with his professional life post-retirement. He works as an entrepreneur, broadcaster, and analyst. Rodriguez is a caring single father to two daughters.


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