Did You Buy Forspoken? | push square

Does it use the hardware well yes. Is it fast, fun and got a better intro for another world/isekai story than most anime that are cheap and quick to do that and be like an Alice/Narnia yes. Is the combat fun. Yes. Is the story intro part for the New York/beginning of Athia a bit long but still enjoyable yes.

I have wanted another game of this sort for years. Sunset Overdrive, Darksiders 2, Gravity Rush. Spiderman/Infamous this could also be like if you wanted to but the earlier 3 are my favorites and I hate open worlds. I’ve wanted an open world complex combat, run around like crazy game for years but any AA like game I like always happens to not appeal to people and while that’s fine it does get annoying to see when it does happen. XD

I just can sense when people won’t like it, critics want oldschool games that are 8bit but modernized with Indies or Souls games and otherwise cinematic Sony games also are casual appealing so whatever they can have tons of awards on the box for people that can ‘t tell whats good or not or what the term RPG means they can happily pick the game up. At least that’s the vibe I get I’m just rambling thoughts that’s all.

Forspoken is not perfect but it’s still the only game this year besides Bayonetta Origins that I actually cared about I couldn’t care less about most of this year.

I mean what I do usually is ‘try’ to find maybe 1-3 games that are modern gen and most from retro eras I find more than that every time because I can barely find anything I want to play that’s modern anymore really. I mean I played Grid Legends (GT7 will never purchase, it’s direction isn’t for me), Bayonetta 3 and Kao 2022 last year, a weird combination of games but that’s all I had interest in. Same with prior years I’m lucky if I find more than 3, 5 even 1 game I care about that’s modern at all. I mean I enjoyed Balan it was my Rayman 3 successor no matter the state I had fun like Tank Tank Tank with 1 button and how it ended up I’m fair with games regardless I didn’t care who made it like most people. I didn’t care for the Chao like Garden that much.

Starfield maybe just to see how some AAA procedural generation of planets are because we haven’t gotten any planet scale coolness of AAA in a while (but I care for the tech I don’t play Bethesda games really, I’m not picking the game up though just looking/watching someone else play it) since Haven Call of the King or Star Wars Battlefront 3 being canceled and reworked into Elite Squadron and No Man’s Sky is awesome but Indie, maybe Triple i, Triple A Indie? I guess kind of Shovel Knight like big but, eh who cares there are good games regardless of the quality shows.

Some Veterans like Nightingale kind of I guess (ex Bioware devs making a survival game because why not, can’t not have that planned Mass Effect Andromeda procedural generation attempt they maybe wanted to do and finally make a game they want to then follow EA and have issues making the game and why not approach a genre that has potential that most critics don’t give any care for but has a large audience willing to accept their cool ideas).


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