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Hunt: Showdown devs appear to be cooking up some kind of horrible, pilotable bug

Two teases on Hunt: Showdown’s Twitter account in the last two days have convinced me that the next feature and creature added to the game will be a flying surveillance bug that players can use to spy on opponents. And I think it could be arriving as soon as next month.

The above image, shared yesterday, was actually focused on the return of the promotional skin Billy Story, a likeable homage to Daniel Day Lewis’ character from Gangs of New York. But careful observers (ie, those with at least one eye) can take more from the flittering silhouette released from Billy’s hand, a flying beetle that we’ve never seen before. Surely this scary scarab isn’t just for decoration—it would be out of precedent for Crytek to show a detail like this and not back it up with something concrete.

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