MLB legend Chipper Jones once revealed the number of women he was having affairs with

In his biography titled ‘Ballplayer’, which was released in 2017, MLB great Chipper Jones opened up about the extramarital affairs he had with at least three women back in 1997. The Hall of Famer told his then-wife Karin Fulford the truth after being consumed with guilt.

“Karin, this is killing me and I’ve got to get it out, so let me get it all out,” he wrote. “I’ve been having affairs with three girls: the girl from LA; a girl from Atlanta; and a girl from Detroit, who I met in spring training”.

Chipper Jones is the only switch hitter in MLB History to hit .300 from both sides of the plate

He added that the girl from Detroit that he was cheating with was pregnant and had decided to keep the baby.

“I’ve been having these affairs since the beginning of the season. The girl from Detroit, Jennifer, is pregnant. And she’s going to have the baby,” he wrote.

Born April 24, 1972, Hall of Fame third baseman Chipper Jones is 18,530 days old today, matching Wilford Brimley’s age on the day ‘Cocoon’ was released. Congrats @RealCJ10! You’ve reached the Brimley/Cocoon Line.

Jones revealed that upon hearing the truth, his wife snapped and threw a vase at his head.

Chipper Jones got divorced from Karin Fulford in 2000

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Chipper Jones with his mom and dad on Senior Night at his high school football game.

Chipper Jones and Karin Fulford got divorced in 2000. Jones has been married twice since then.

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