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Saints Row’s disappointing launch won’t derail the future of the series

The head of Deep Silver parent company Embracer Group admitted today that the recent Saints Row (opens in new tab) reboot didn’t meet his expectations, but said that his long-term view of the series remains unchanged.

Saints Row landed with a bit of a plop when it arrived in August. Bugs were a big problem, and even before release the game was beset with predictable complaints that the new crew was too young, hip, and/or diverse. Being an Epic Games Store exclusive probably didn’t help it gain word-of-mouth exposure on PC at launch. The Epic Games Store page for the game registers a 3.8/5 “Epic Player Rating,” that praises it as “Extremely Fun” and “Highly Recommended,” but also highlights a “Weak” OpenCritic rating aggregated from publications including IGN, Game Informer , and PC Gamer.

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