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The Great War: Western Front is an RTS you’ll win by inches, not miles

You know the bit before a big battle in Total War? Where you prep for the fight ahead by repositioning your units; setting formations, positioning your lines and just generally making everything nice and organised. The Great War: Western Front has this too. Only, here, the pre-battle phase represents the entire month leading up to the battle. And it’s not neat, but rather the brutal reflection of years of ongoing conflict.

You’re not just shifting units around. You’re preparing the battlefield for the conflict ahead. You’ll dig out trenches and protect them with barbed wire. You’ll fill those trenches with infantry, and further protect your territory with machine gun nests—creating a killzone to punish any push over no man’s land. You’re changing the landscape for years to come, in pursuit of a marginal victory that could slowly push the war in your favour.

(Image credit: Frontier)

This is a World War 1 RTS, which means victory won’t be quick and easy. The mantra for The Great War: Western Front is that this will be a ‘battle of inches’—marginal gains that slowly tip the war in your favour. Whether you choose to play as the Allies or the Central Powers, you won’t be painting the strategic map in your colour. Instead, you win by grinding down your opponent—taking actions that will deplete their ‘National Will’. This is the main resource of the campaign, and if either side lets it drop to zero, they lose the war.

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