The new Street Fighter 6 character footage has been taken down — here’s everything you missed

Capcom did just release the Marisa vs. Manon match though

Eager Street Fighter fans got a chance to see Street Fighter 6’s newest characters in action, but it seems the publisher cracked down on unoffical re-broadcasts for this batch.

Capcom has now taken down the SF6 match videos featuring Manon, Marisa, JP, Dee Jay, Dhalsim and Blanka, but we have all the notes from what was revealed and most interesting from the footage — though they did just officially release the set between Manon and Marisa.

Multiple YouTube users reportedly got hit with copyright strikes and had their videos removed from the platform entirely.

This wasn’t a completely unexpected move considering the SF6 showcase was included as part of the Street Fighter League Pro-JP Grand Finals event, which was a pay2view broadcast that fans had to purchase tickets for, but not everyone was aware of the source, unfortunately.

That doesn’t mean the match footage is gone entirely, however, as Capcom likely plans to release the official footage on different days — and the Grand Finals broadcast on YouTube on January 27.

So let’s go through each character to discuss what we learned from seeing the new SF6 characters in action.

Manon has great reach on some of her normals thanks to her long limbs, and her movement appears fairly quick and agile for a grappler type character.

At least one of her Overdrive command grabs seems to have strike invincibility considering Manon is shown to blow right through one of Marisa’s Drive Rush strikes without any impact though we don’t know if this property is connected to her medal level.

Her medal level increases by landing grabs, which carries over between rounds (max 5), to up the command grab damage and offer new properties like apparently comboing into them.

Manon can be seen performing a raw Drive Rush into a command grab that beats out Marisa’s attempt to press a button, so we seem to have a glimpse at how grapplers can use the mechanics to their advantage.

As noted before, Marisa appears to have at least 2 special moves that give her armor properties between her charged projectile and special stance during which she’ll still take gray life, but does not impact her Drive Gauge.

Her stance briefly causes her to glow at which point she can perform different follow-up options including pushing the opponent back with her arms or a fast grab that deals a lot of damage.

Considering she’s a big brawler, Marisa’s moves look to be a bit slower than average on startup that may make her more susceptible to parries or Drive Reversals though she does seem to have decent pressure tools.

Marisa’s level 3 Super Art pushes the opponent to the corner from any distance, which puts her in a great situation for oki and Drive Impact.

Like Oro, JP mainly fights with his left hand held behind his back though he does bust it out to perform his Psycho Power abilities

His cane, however, offers him some great range on his punching normals, so he’s very much playing into zoner trap character archetype.

JP can summon multiple portals using the Overdrive version of the special and have them fire off in succession for added lockdown capabilities.

Getting in on JP seems to be paramount to stop him from going crazy, but he gets extra mobility by teleporting to his portals.

We get to see his level 2 Super briefly as well, which appears to summon multiple clones / spirits that fly towards the opponent from above.

Blanka’s OD Beast Roll has full projectile invincibility that can combo into OD Up Beast Roll if it hits as a Punish Counter, which still seems to be an invincible reversal in SF6.

His level 2 Super gives him an install similar to his V-Trigger 2 in Street Fighter 5 that allows Blanka to perform follow-up rolls in the air for a period of time and likely leaves him safe on block.

The Blanca-chan trap has significant startup attached to it, so the new move may not be too useful outside of oki situations.

Perhaps most frightening of all, however, is Blanka shown Drive Rushing into his slide, which lets him hit you with a low from basically full screen.

Dee Jay can now fake his fireball throw, which may store it for later use, and Air Slasher consistently tosses 2 projects without spending meter.

His Dread Kicks have been reworked to give them more combo opportunities with the light version being especially fast.

The new sway stance greatly increases his mobility and shimmies with multiple follow-up options to back off or advance on the opponent.

Dee Jay’s level 1 Super is a bit unique considering it’s a single strike that puts the opponent into a crumple state, so it’ll be useful as a combo extender.

Many of Dhalsim’s normal attacks have been altered from what they were in SF5, some taken from older titles and some seemingly brand new, which gives him new angles of coverage.

Yoga Flame now shoots straight across the screen again and can be performed in the air, which sends the projectile down diagonally.

Dhalsim’s walk speed and teleport appear quite fast, and his Yoga Float returns from SF5 likely being better than ever with his added aerial options.

His stretchy limbs still very much have a hurtbox on them, so he can be punished for whiffs or tossing out the wrong attacks.

We’ll get a better look at these new matches once Capcom’s done releasing them all officially at least, but let us know in the comments if there’s more notes of interest you noticed from watching them too.


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