“This S**t Might Get Spicy”: $177 Million Ben Simmons Finally Breaking Silence on Hate Comments Leaves NBA Fans Fuming With Rage

Ben Simmons came in as the wonder boy for the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite his struggle with shooting, the 76ers chose him with the number one pick. Over the years, he asserted himself as one of the best defensive players in the league. Simmons was on the journey to make the Sixers a championship roster. However, one post-season run changed the entire course.

The former All-Star guard’s performances against the Atlanta Hawks in 2021 enraged fans. A sports city by heart, Philadelphia fans openly resented their superstar. Moreover, tensions began within the franchise. This made for one of the most brutal sagas in the recent history of the NBA. Simmons made up his mind to never step foot on a court as a Sixer again. Refusing to work with the team, the 26-year-old would rather pay hefty sums in fines alone.


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His trade away to the Brooklyn Nets finally put an end to the dramatic situation. After staying silent for two seasons, Ben Simmons recently opened up about his thought process during the entire situation on JJ Redick’s ‘Old Man and The Three’ podcast.

Ben Simmons speaks on relationship with Philadelphia

For the entirety of their last season together, Simmons was the focal point. Philadelphia 76ers fans kept the hate going as the 26-year-old was ready to take on a new challenge. So far, the NBA community was unaware of the former Sixers’ mindset through it all. However, JJ Redick worked his magic and brought him in as the guest on his podcast. Likewise, in a snippet of the show, Simmons went over his complicated relationship with Philadelphia.


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7 months ago

Surprisingly, Simmons revealed he had an unforgettable run in the city. However. There was also a shot of criticism towards the fans. Ben Simmons said: “Well people in Philly just want to have something to say about f*****g anything, man”. Likewise, Sixers admirers hit back on Twitter.

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:


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As Simmons returned to the court as a part of the Nets, the Philadelphia arena erupted. However, it wasn’t to congratulate their former defensive expert. The echoes of boos and chants surrounded the Wells Fargo Center. All the 6’11” star could do was smile as he watched his ex-fans turn hostile. However, for Simmons, time now dictates a new role in Brooklyn. A similar off-season drama ensued within his new organization. But both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are sealed with the Nets for next season at least.

Eager to get back on the court, this season could be pivotal for the career of Ben Simmons. One small mistake, and fans might be ready to down him once again. Arguably a test of mental strength, it will be interesting to watch the Australian get back to basics on the court. Simmons will undoubtedly be hoping for a great season with the Brooklyn Nets.


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As the new season stands a month away, do you think Ben Simmons will make Philly fans regret their treatment? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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