“When I’m Dead You Guys Are Gonna Be Talking..”: 5x NBA Champion Dennis Rodman Once Got Honest on Aging Not Slowing Him Down

The eccentric nature of Dennis Rodman made him one of the most unique characters in basketball. The NBA legend was the embodiment of all-out hustle. Regarded as the most excellent rebounders of all time by many, The Worm left it all out on the court. However, apart from his time on the court, his lifestyle often attracted media attention. Being himself and partying all year round, the five-time NBA champion caught a lot of slack.

There was no stop to the man that was Rodman. Hopping from games to parties was common. At one point, Michael Jordan had to retrieve the two-time Defensive Player of The Year to arrive for practice. Many judged the way Rodman walked his life. Often in the face of controversy, several people consider him the bad boy. However, the Chicago Bulls legend only embraced his role.


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Continuing to live life his way, Dennis Rodman wasn’t entitled to apologize to anybody. In addition, he never felt his way needed a break as he revealed during an interview in 2005.

Dennis Rodman never felt like slowing down

As much as The Worm was electrifying during his career in the NBA, he remained the same after the retirement. Being terminated a menace at most times, his last two stints with the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks made nothing but headlines. In addition, after hanging up the boots, Rodman continues to move forward with a purpose. In 2005, he sat down with Chris Myers and spoke about how he conducts his life. Moreover, how others might comment on his life after his death.


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Myers saw the NBA Hall of Famer keep living in the fast lane. Likewise, Rodman couldn’t agree more. He said, “Of course it is. Because when I’m dead you guys will be talking about this. He should have slowed down, he should have did this he should have did the thing the right way. But you know what, nah.”

HOLLYWOOD, FL – JULY 19: Dennis Rodman is seen on July 19, 2020 in Hollywood, Florida. (Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Indeed, The Worm never slowed down. Being himself, on the court, Rodman never lost his eternal talent of rebounding the ball. Until the final season, he averaged 14 rebounds every single night. On the other hand, off the court, he sparked talks with his actions. Notably, one of the biggest criticisms to his name remains his visits to North Korea and openly admitting friendship with the supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. However, just like before, Dennis Rodman lives unapologetically.


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The Hall of Famer achieved it all. In addition, he never changed who he was. Rodman would go out on the floor and give it his all. However, his laser focus didn’t stop him from having all the fun outside. A controversial figure to many, the five-time champion continues to be himself every single day. And he might never plan on taking a back seat.

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