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Whoops! The latest Destiny 2 hotfix deleted a bunch of incredibly hard-to-earn achievements

(Image credit: Bungie)

Update: As of 18.00 ET the game is still offline, but Bungie hopefully has a fix inbound. I called correctly that a full roll back of player accounts would be required, so bad news if you managed to get Hierarchy of Needs to drop in the limited time the game was live before the problem was identified. I’ll update again once Destiny 2 is live.

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‘Shadow’. ‘Conqueror’. ‘King-Slayer’. These are things absolutely nobody will ever actually call me, but I proudly display all three on my Guardians when playing Destiny 2. Each is a cosmetic title which has to be earned by completing a checklist of triumphs required for a particular “seal.” Once the seal is finished you can then wear the associated title. Some triumphs are simple, like racking up enough of a particular kind of kill, while others are pretty tricky, like requiring whole raids to be done without anyone on the dying team.

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