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YouTuber exposed as ‘The Real Insider’ behind major Assassin’s Creed leak and others

YouTuber Dan Allen has apologized for breaking multiple NDAs and revealing information on games in development after being revealed as the person behind the popular leaks account The Real Insider.

The Dan Allen Gaming YouTube channel is a general-interest channel featuring guides, walkthroughs, reactions, and other game-related information—all very innocuous. The Real Insider, on the other hand, seemed to have more behind-the-scenes access: Since being active earlier this year, the account has revealed information about numerous upcoming games and events (opens in new tab)most recently Ubisoft’s big Assassin’s Creed presentation, which the account leaked almost in its entirety.

(Image credit: The Real Insider (via Twitter))

But things went sidesways earlier this week thanks to a classic social media blunder: In response to a Twitter inquiry aimed at The Real Insider, Allen replied from the wrong account. He quickly deleted the tweet, but of course it was caught and shared. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier also posted a series of tweets noting links and similarities between the two accounts: Nothing fully definitive, but “quite a coincidence,” as he put it. Those tweets have since been deleted but were also saved for posterity by RhasegonVT.

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